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Maison Du Luxe

A compelling confluence of quality and craftsmanship. 

Picture this: a home that is interspersed with lovingly and painstakingly crafted furniture pieces and objet d’arts, each beating with the ardor of tireless hands and hearts of devoted craftsmen. If that is the kind of a grand haven you envisage for yourself, we are happy to tell you that you have found just the right folks who like yourself revel in fine workmanship and excellent ergonomics.
So what makes us tick? Everything and anything that has a sense of history and authenticity. Our story, which gathered force in a small factory in Neb Sarai in the year 1983 bears testament to our undying belief of ancestral and artisanal craftsmanship. Even back then, when we had set out as a fledgling, we never doubted the spirit of true art and knew that it was only a matter of time when our passion for design-led, exquisite furniture would strike a chord with those with refined tastes.
Day after day, year after year, we worked, to sharpen and perfect our skills down to a fine art. We continue to put our heart and soul into breathing life to pieces that don’t just serve as emblems of handiwork but also personal objects of art that mirror the creative preferences and personalities of our clients. It’s a sheer joy to be able to work with materials that lend themselves so honestly to our furniture-makers so that alluring and statement pieces can be hewn from them.
We use seasoned teak wood as it represents more than just beauty and rarity. Teak wood’s character and strength convey the idea that time makes things more beautiful and storied. Isn’t it special to have a chair or a table made of a material that has recorded the passage of time? It sure is! Likewise, we use memory foam as they play under the weight of the body like the sand on the beach, allowing seamless comfort and movement.

Quality isn’t just a watchword for us but a way of life, which reflects in the furniture we craft. Whether it is sourcing sturdy fittings from the best European brands or the rolls of upholstery materials that we cherrypick from around the world, everything that goes into the creation of our furniture pieces is of the highest quality so that they can adorn the timelessly chic spaces of our clients for years to come.
Whether you seek the old-world mystique of period-perfect furniture or the eclectic vibe of contemporary style, we take great pride in bringing works of art to life that express the style and verve of our clients. If we were to explain our design philosophy in tree verbs, here’s what it will be: demystify, construe, and present.

We begin by demystifying design and removing it from its traditional context of aesthetics. Good design isn’t difficult neither it is complex to use. Good design is functional without being fussy and comfortable without being unnecessarily complicated. It’s a mix of beauty and utility.
At Maison Du Luxe, our efforts are centered on construing the lifestyles and creative visions of our clients. After all, a home is the environmental extension of who we are and what we like. Which is why we go above and beyond to correctly interpret your idea of a perfect home so that the same can be materialized through unique and lasting furniture.
Lastly, we present fresh and ingenious solutions and inspirations to connoisseurs, aesthetes, and architects. Distinctive details and finishing touches that heighten senses and amplify consciousness.

A home is where you welcome your near and dear ones and celebrate significant occasions, so it goes without saying that it has to be lovingly made with objects, furniture, and decor pieces that are as unique as the occupants’ personalities and point of views.
Here’s to the marvel and allure to the art of furniture-making!

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