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Diwali is coming

Our founder, Gobind Kapur, spills his decor secrets on how to transform homes into elegantly festive nestles.

The time to get on our cleaning and decorating drills is inching closer, and we know that like us, you also find yourself in a state of mind somewhere between excitement and nervousness. Well, to begin with, it’s totally acceptable and normal to feel a little edgy, given the endless streams of tasks we have to accomplish! But fret not as our founder, Gobind Kapur, has a slew of stylish tips up his sleeves and in this blog post, he reveals them all!
“The first thing that I’d love all house-proud folks to know is that even during the festive season, your home should look, feel, and speak all about yourself. Although there’s decoration involved, it’s still your home. And your guests want to see you in there so whatever you do, ensure that you keep the warm, witty, and welcoming vibe of your space alive”, says Gobind.
Isn’t that true, in the pressure to spruce up our homes, we actually end up decorating in a way that gives a too-good-to-be-true and excessively ‘decorated’ look, which no matter how beautiful, still feels cold and intimidating. “The rationale behind festive decorations should be grounded in the Goldilocks rule – not too overwhelming, not too underwhelming but just right. All the elements of your interior from your decor pieces to furniture to lighting need to work in unison and look as if they all have come together organically”, he explains.
Sumptuously chic and layered
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Festive season calls for richness, vibrancy, and layering, so you’d want to look for furnishings and furniture that possess these festive characteristics. Think deep colored accent furniture pieces like a statement armchair and sofa adorned with plush cushions in jeweled tones. Go for pieces that have unexpected details, like for example, a coffee table with channel tufting detailing. They are sure to add a glamorous and unusual touch to your settings.
Design moments
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Create special spots with an anchoring statement furniture surrounded by functional and art pieces. Like this polished setting here. It features an intricately carved chaise lounge, a perfect transitional piece that is supported by a floor lamp, a wall art, an elegant pair of wall sconces, and oversized vases with resplendent blooms. “Feather a posh nest for your guests in a spot that is dear to you. Include only a few thoughtful pieces that strike the balance between form and functionality. Add playful and intriguing elements that will spark conversations and amp up the festive spirit of your interior scheme.” says Gobind.
Convivial dinning setting
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Whether your dining room is inclined more towards formal or is more of a casual, multi-purpose space, its one part of your home that will need to be up to par for your guests during the festive season. After all, that’s where your fabulousness as a perfect host/hostess will be judged on.
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Gobind says, “It goes without saying that your dining table forms the foundation of your dining so it has to be chosen judiciously. If you ask me, classic-with-a-contemporary-twist works for all types of settings, whether country style or California chic. Pay special attention to the legs/pedestal of the table. This is one area where you can make an impact. As for the dining chairs, opt for crisp upholstery and roomy seats; they will never disappoint.”
Entryway Tales
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Diwali is that time of the year when nostalgia and newness converge. There are childhood memories, family traditions, heirloom pieces, and vintage baubles that exude charm and old-world elegance. Your console table is one place where you can pull off this merry marriage of old and new. This is essentially why Gobind is forever enamored of table vignettes. He says, “I remember designing this really ornate console table for a special client. My idea was to make it ornamental in a not very obvious and non-traditional way so I decided to hang a series of ornaments of varying heights from the base of the table. It added an element of surprise and drama to the entryway which much to my delight was exactly in keeping with my client’s vision to welcome his guests as they walked through the door.”
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That’s true. Your entryway console table vignette is your moment to impress your guests. Put meaningful objects on display, family photos, heirloom pieces, a dash of greenery, and candles and voila, you are done!

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