O P Sharma
          Clients, Atlanta

Gobind does a wonderful job of identifying a client's taste and style and incorporating that into any work he does for you. He has a great sense of color/style and a final vision for any project he undertakes.

Aman Kakkar
           Clients, New York

If it's quality workmanship you're after, then Maison Du Luxe is the place to go. Having discussed with the team what we were looking for, they created and installed a custom-built unit which is just perfect.

Bhupinder Singh
  Clients, Golden Park Hotel, Kolkata

A real gem if you are looking for furniture that stands out and is not mainstream. It is made to the highest standards and we like the smooth finishing. Clear craftsmanship. Gobind is a good communicator and keeps in touch regularly. Thanks very much indeed.

S. K. Behera
        Clients, RSB Transmissions, Pune

First class service and product start to finish! I am truly impressed with the after-sales of Maison Du Luxe and the attention to detail put in every furniture.

Anil Bhalla
      Clients, Oswal Group

Maison Du Luxe has provided excellent interior design service; this is all inclusive from architectural design, furniture, room layout, and color selection, comprehensive and complete from idea to implementation. I have found their work and ideas to be creative as well as beautiful. They strive to satisfy and do so! I am proud to recommend Maison Du Luxe for all interior design needs.

Amit Jain
        Architects / Interior designers

Gobind understands the aesthetics of fusions, classics, and contemporary interior design. I love the fact that he overlooks the quality of furniture himself before it is sent for delivery. Maison Du Luxe is a symbol of luxury, craftsmanship, precision, and teamwork.

Archana Sachdeva
      Architects / Interior designers

I thoroughly enjoyed the process from beginning to end. When I explained what I was looking for I was listened to carefully, different furniture options were pointed out and my comments were carefully considered when I stated what I liked and didn't like about a selection. Delivery was handled carefully and information provided. A high level of customer service was provided throughout. I highly recommend  Maison Du Luxe.

Chirag Swain
      Architects / Interior designers

Maison Du Luxe has skillfully and faithfully executed my furniture design for my residential and commercial projects. This was no easy task as my designs are typically complex and challenging.

Sukhjeet Singh
      Architects / Interior designers

Gobind and I have collaborated on many projects of the last several years, in both contemporary and traditional design aesthetics. His eagerness to experiment with new techniques and finishes helps me to come up with original designs. Construction proceeds smoothly and he ensures that my clients and I are thrilled with the end result.

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